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Sep-22-2022 05:27:23 PM

Dear Investor:
This week lightassetsltd online chat service starts to work, our working hours are from 9:00-17:00 (GMT+1) from Monday to Friday, in other time periods, you can make a request, and we will respond as soon as the working day starts deal with!
In the past few months, we have created huge profits for our investors, therefore, we have launched a new deposit discount campaign, 23/09-01/10 All cash deposits will get 10% discount (balance deposits do not enjoy discount), our promotion bonus will be sent to the account within 24 hours after deposit, you can withdraw or re-deposit at any time.
Thanks again to our investors and hope we can do better in the future! greeting!

lightassetsltd Admin


Sep-22-2022 04:42:11 PM

Dear Everyone,

We are pleased to announce that Openplaninvest.com will be officially launched today. The Openplaninvest team has gone through 5 years of verification and testing, making our investment products more and more stable and secure, and has gained many loyal users, so we decided to open the investment platform to the world, and anyone can join us for free.

We can guarantee that you only need to invest a little money every day to achieve passive income over active income. You can make money at home without working, you can save more time to spend with your family and enjoy life, it completely changes your lifestyle .

We look forward to your joining.

Best regards.
OpenPlanInvest Limited Team


Sep-22-2022 04:10:12 PM

Our company has just launched a custom token WebMiSi Token (WMS) on Binance Smart Chain.

Contract address: 0xe97B57****30434Df (Token link).
Total Token Supply is 600,000,000 WMS.

Please, feel free to add our contract to your Metamask wallet, TrustWallet or any other wallet. The possibility of buying and selling of our token at the exchange shall be enabled in nearest prospective. With each purchase of the token we shall add the liquidity to raise its price.
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